Message from the Rector

Ibn Haldun said “Geography is destiny”. This destiny gives the youth a responsibility to initiate Open Civilization in our province where we have seen eras open and close. Our aim is to prepare our new generation for this mission. For a successful and happy future of our globalizing world, we must increase the knowledge, skills and awareness of civilization and leadership that our students will need.

Educational institutions, which should not be satisfied with their previous knowledge levels and must renew themselves in ever-changing conditions, can contribute to civilization with a common heritage of science and humanity.

Education is not just the transfer of knowledge, but the art of nurturing humans with a holistic approach. Every person is different. The staff of Aydın Adnan Menderes University, which adopts this educational method, considers it a priority to give students the knowledge, skills and awareness of civilization and leadership which they will need for the successful and happy future of our globalizing world.

Aydın Adnan Menderes University, which believes that the future of our country, our region and humanity is directly depend on education, has adopted a liberal education approach with the principle of “people first”.  The priority of our university is to ensure that students are sent into their future lives, in an ever changing and uncertain world, as individuals who have the ability to adapt rapidly to every difficulty and innovation, who are open-minded, ethical, who love to learn and who are thoughtful.

In today's world, our youth has to compete not with the children of their neighbours but with the youth of other developed countries in order to be successful. The development of our country and Islamic civilization depend on people who will be successful in this global race and competition environment.

Today, information plays the most crucial role in the economy and social development. Unknown information determines the limits of our present lives and shapes our future. We construct learning as a social phenomenon, based on the knowledge that an individual learns much more comprehensively when they are part of a community. As a member of the ADU community, we need graduates who can achieve their goals not only in personal achievements but also in the tradition of solidarity and query.

Humanity has entered the era of Open Civilization. In this era, competition is global, not local; because civilizations no longer have walls, doors and windows. The period of isolated civilizations is now over; on the contrary, civilizations have become mutually dependent on and open to each other. Therefore, our education system should be redesigned according to the necessities of our time to prepare our new generations for global competition. In order for our country to rejoin the universal civilization race by taking its place among the respected countries of the world depends on the quality of education given to new generations required by Open Civilization.

Our priority is to educate universally-minded, patriotic, civic- minded and pioneering humans.


With respect and regards,


Prof.  Dr. Osman Selçuk Aldemir