ADU International Students Selection Examination has been successfully held

Aydın Adnan Menderes University International Students Selection Examination (ADÜYÖS), which was held to identify international students who want to study at ADU and in our country, was held simultaneously in three cities: Ankara, Istanbul and Aydın, on July 5, 2020. Speaking about the exam attended by 1137 student candidates from 56 different countries this year, Prof. Dr. Cumali Öksüz, who is the Vice-Rector and responsible for the coordination of International Students Selection, stated that all the exams related to international student policies of Higher Education Council (YÖK) have been conducted meticulously since the Rector Prof. Dr. Osman Selçuk Aldemir took office. Our goal for next year is to conduct ADÜYÖS in different centers around the world Vice Rector Prof. Dr. Cumali Öksüz expressing that the quota was increased this year upon the proposal of YÖK in ADÜYÖS, where the most qualified foreign students were selected for ADU, said that “We aim to graduate students with good education. We conducted our exam with strict measures. Within the scope of these measures, masks and disinfectants were distributed and fever measurements were made. In the previously disinfected classrooms, students sat intermittently to fit the social distance." Stating that the result of ADÜYÖS is recognized by many universities in our country and that our university is on the way to become a brand in this regard, Prof. Dr. Cumali Öksüz explained that the goal for next year is to conduct ADÜYÖS in different centers around the world. ADU Performs a Model Practice in Exam Evaluation Vice Rector Prof. Dr. Cumali Öksüz, expressing that in the evaluation of the exam results, not only the correct and incorrect numbers were evaluated in our University, but also the skill scores of the students in line with the Item Response Theory (IRT), stated that “Our university is performing a model practice with the measurement and evaluation method applied in this exam. The students are of course evaluated according to the right and wrong questions they do, but each question differs from the context of item difficulty and especially item distinction value in total, and a total student skill score is obtained. Students who answer difficult and highly distinctive questions get higher skill scores than students who answer easy and less distinctive questions. As far as I know, we apply the Item Response Theory (IRT) for the first time in Turkey. We expect to use it in many institutions, including ÖSYM, in the coming years.”