The Rector Attends the International Eastern Mediterranean Conference

The Rector Prof. Dr. Osman Selçuk Aldemir attended ‘The International Eastern Mediterranean Conference’ held on September 24, 2020 via teleconference organized by the Republic of Turkey Directorate of Communications.

"The Eastern Mediterranean Forms Part of Our Blue Homeland for Turkey"

Delivering the opening speech of video conference, the Republic of Turkey Director of Communications Prof. Dr. Fahrettin Altun pointed out that many things have been said about the eastern mediterranean in recent years and said, “Some former colonial powers see this region as ‘the birthplace of their new empires’. Others consider it the 'next global conflict point'. For Turkey, The Eastern Mediterranean forms part of our blue homeland."

Altun, stating that Turkey has given the world a very clear message in recent months, said “Our people may have different opinions on some issues, which is normal in a democracy, but we all agree on protection of the rights and interests of Turkey. We know that international law is on our side. We know well that the most self-assertive one is not always right. That is why, Turkey has always been in favour of diplomacy under the leadership of our President, Mr. Recep Tayyip Erdogan.”

The first session of the Conference was on 'Turkey’s Vision of Equity and Cooperation in Eastern Mediterranean', and the second session was on ‘Reflections of an Equitable Cooperation in the Eastern Mediterranean to the International System’.

The effects of the international system that fairness and cooperation with Turkey in the Eastern Mediterranean vision was discussed.

Turkey’s vision of equity and cooperation in Eastern Mediterranean and its effects of the international system were discussed in the conference held with a limited number of quota.