15 July Epic and Our Martyrs

Due to the second year of the most insidious and treacherous coup attempt in the history of our country, various activities have been organized in our province. The first part of the activities which started in the Martyrs area of Tellidede and Kemer Cemeteries in the morning ended with reading prayers for the martyrs.


Governor Yavuz Selim Köşger, Aydın Deputies Mustafa Savaş, Bekir Kuvvet Erim and Rıza Posacı, Acting Metropolitan Municipality Mayor Erim Karakoz, Public Prosecutor Kasım Tüten, our Rector Prof. Dr. Cavit Bircan and families of martyrs and members of the public were in attendance.


The Acting General Secretary of our University, Lecturer Mustafa Aslan, in his speech titled "15 July Epic and our Martyrs', stated that 15 July was the biggest danger faced by Turkey since the Turkish War of Independence.


Following the signing of the martyrdom book by Governor Köşger, Provincial Mufti Ercan Aksu read prayers for the martyrs. Later Governor Köşger and his associates left carnations on the tombs of martyrs.


 15 July Democracy Exhibition Opened

"15 July Photography and Local Media" exhibition organized by our university and Aydın Journalists Association was opened at Atatürk City Square with the participation of Aydın Governor Yavuz Selim Köşger.


In addition to Governor Köşger, Aydın Deputies Mustafa Savaş, Bekir Kuvvet Erim, our Rector Prof. Dr. Cavit Bircan, Efeler Mayor Mesut Özakcan, Vice Rectors Prof. Dr. Recai Tunca and Prof. Dr. Halil Kırnak, General Secretary Dr. Mustafa Aslan, AK Party Provincial Chairman Ömer Özmen, MHP Provincial Chairman Burak Pehlivan and Aydın Journalists Association Chairman Semra Sener attended.


The exhibition consisting of photographs by journalists who witnessed the night of 15 July coup attempt was of great interest. In the exhibition, photographs and press material taken throughout the country immortalizing moments of that night were displayed.


With a National Unity Walk "Aydın" spent the Night Standing

The activities organized in Aydın within the scope of the "15 July Democracy and National Unity Day" continued with National Unity walk and a programme of remembrance for Martyrs at Atatürk City Square. Speaking during the walk, our Rector Prof. Dr. Cavit Bircan said he was one of the first to respond to the treacherous coup attempt on July 15th, saying that they were fighting for democracy and if necessary, would continue to fight at the cost of their lives. Emphasizing that such treacherous initiatives should never be forgotten, our Rector said, "We must not forget in order not live the same pain. We should not forget the traitors and what they did. If we forget, we will suffer the same pain again."

A large number of citizens gathered at Zafer Square and marched from Adnan Menderes Boulevard to Atatürk City Square. Citizens, chanting slogans such as “How happy is he who calls himself a Turk” and “Shoulder to shoulder against Coups”, reached Atatürk City Square under intense security precautions.

Aydın Governor Yavuz Selim Köşger said: "If today we are breathing freely under our flag of a moon and star, if the Call to Prayer continues to be read 5 times a day, if we can safely look at our future, we owe it to our martyrs, our war veterans and our heroes.”

The event continued with recitation of the Holy Quran, presentation of videos from 15 July coup attempt on giant screens set up in the square and a poetry recital.

The population of Aydın held a democracy watch throughout the night as they did on 15 July 2016.