With a short period of time left for students make their preferences, students have started to gather information about the universities and their cities.  In order to help the students with their choice, a Turkish University Student Satisfaction Survey in a study aimed at determining student-friendly university cities conducted by the University Research Laboratory (ÜNİAR) determined that Aydın, the province in which our University is located, was the third preferred province in Turkey.

Aydın was previously ranked as the seventh city in The Student-Friendly University Cities Research which was carried out for the first time last year, with the aim of determining the satisfaction levels of the students of the universities in which they were studying and thus creating a ranking of these cities, and has therefore achieved great success on being ranked in the top three.


Aydın is Turkey’s Capital University for Students

As a result of the research data collected from 26,500 students studying at 109 state and 63 foundation universities – 172 in total- from 81 cities, Aydın ranked third among the cities where university students were most satisfied following Eskişehir and Antalya.

In the research, university students' satisfaction with the city was measured based on such topics as satisfaction with the city; transportation opportunities, feeling safe in the city, entertainment, sports, relationships with tradesmen, attitude of the people towards students, excursions, social, artistic and cultural activities and the solution of health problems.

By combining the opportunities of the city with the opportunities of the university, Rector Prof. Dr. Cavit Bircan stated that university is making an effort to create a happy and successful university life for the students and said: "From the first day of my position, we have planned our projects to create a university where we can comfortably send our students. The students who come to our university to study will have a peaceful and happy student life as if they were at home. Families can feel comfortable because the students who are entrusted to us are now in the care of ADU.