Rectorate Handover Ceremony was held at ADU

The 7th term Rectorate Handover Ceremony of our university took place on January 21st, 2019 in the Maiandros Hall of the Atatürk Congress Centre.

During the ceremony, Prof. Dr. Osman Selçuk Aldemir, who has taken over the position of Prof. Dr. Cavit Bircan, Rector of the previous term of our university, expressed that his administration was ready to bring Aydın Adnan Menderes University to the highest level and thanked the university's previous administration for their contributions.

Mustafa Hulusi Arat, the Deputy Governor of Aydın on behalf of the Aydın Governor, Bekir Kuvvet Erim, AK Party Member of Parliament for Aydın, Evrim Karakoz, Aydın Metropolitan Deputy Mayor, academic and administrative staff, as well as a large number of invitees attended the ceremony. 

After the National Anthem and a minute’s silence, Prof. Dr. Cavit Bircan, at the end of his 4 year term as the 6th term Rector of our university, expressed that many successful projects had been carried out in our university during his 7 year term as Rector and Vice-Rector. Giving a presentation of the investments which had been made during his time in the Rectorate,  Prof. Dr. Cavit Bircan stated that they could help the new administration in every area for the development of the university.

The 6th term Rector, Prof. Dr. Cavit Bircan, asking for the blessing of all staff, ended his speech with applause. Prof. Dr. Cavit Bircan dressed the 7th term Rector, Prof. Dr. Osman Selçuk ALDEMİR in Rector’s robe.

After being robed, Rector Prof. Dr. Osman Selçuk Aldemir stated in his speech that his administration would give importance to participative management and transparency. Our Rector, Prof. Dr. Osman Selçuk Aldemir said “We will be an institution with all of our staff and facilities which is not separated from the people and the city; we will be sensitive to the problems of the people and the city. We will make our institution a pioneering centre of science with a participative management approach with our academicians and students. We will carry out our influencial and instructive projects together. We will carry our university much further with cooperation and communication with our non-governmental organizations, tradesmen, farmers, young people and women”.

Prof. Dr. Osman Selçuk Aldemir noted that our university would not give opportunities to terror organisations and emphasized that they would not allow any of terror organizations, particularly FETO, PKK, PDY, DHKP-C, to be organised and sheltered in its students, administrative and academic staff.

The ceremony ended with refreshments after photographs were taken of protocol members.