Glass Ceiling Exceeds Borders

Erasmus Adult Education Strategic Partnership Project named “Breaking the Glass Ceiling for Women Administrators” realized under the coordination of Prof. Dr. Ruhi Sarpkaya from the Faculty of Education was selected for the sharing event to be held on 18 - 20 September 2019 in Prague, capital of Czech Republic.

Representing the project, Prof. Dr. Ruhi Sarpkaya from the department of Educational Sciences in the Faculty of Education and Res. Asst. Tahir Yılmaz from the department of Educational Sciences are going to participate in the event to be held on 18 - 20 September 2019 in Prague. The main theme and purpose of the event in Prague was expressed as the sharing of ongoing projects and the creation of new project ideas, thus enabling information sharing and new partnership initiatives. The 2-day event is going to include events such as the introduction of Erasmus projects, briefings on selected projects as good examples, sharing of project management, workshops and sharing of project ideas.

Women School Administrators in Aydın Break the Glass Ceiling

Within the scope of the 3rd Intellectual Output of the Project, “The Glass Ceiling Mentorship Training Program”; “The Glass Ceiling Mentorship Training” organized for women administrators working in educational institutions in Aydın was held on 9-11 July 2019 at My Kolej with the coordination of the university, Aydın Provincial Directorate of National Education and Aydın Cultural Development Association.

Women administrators working in educational institutions in Aydın and its districts participated in the three-day training. During the training, information was shared to strengthen the managerial skills of women administrators and to improve their mentoring skills. The project aims to help women school administrators mentor other women administrators or women teachers to become managers or to advance their careers, thus helping to remove the glass ceiling barriers for women.

At the end of the training, after the achievement certificates were given to the participants, the books that they could use in the mentoring process and prepared within the scope of the project were presented. In the next phase of the project, women administrators will be involved and perform the mentoring process. Mentoring monitoring and evaluation activities will be realized in the following period.

Within the scope of the 3rd Intellectual Output of the project, trainings on “Time Management, “Decision Making and Problem Solving”, “Communication and Motivation”, “Management Training”, “Social Gender and the Glass Ceiling” and “Mentoring Skills” had been provided for 65 women administrators selected from the participators of “the Glass Ceiling Awareness Training” organized earlier under mentorship training.

The 5th Transnational Glass Ceiling Project Meeting Held in Portugal

Following the opening meeting of the project in Aydın, the fifth of the transnational meetings held in Germany, Italy and Spain was held on 17-18 July 2019 in Braga, Portugal. Representing the Project team, Prof. Dr. Ruhi Sarpkaya, Assoc. Prof. Dr. Pınar Yengin Sarpkaya, Res. Asst. Burcu Altun and Res. Asst. Tahir Yılmaz participated in the meeting. During the two-day meeting, first of all, the activities carried out since April within the scope of the project were evaluated. In this context, the partners shared their presentations on the management process, budget and dissemination activities of the project and exchanged ideas on the shares. Then, the process of realization of the 2nd Intellectual Output of the Glass Ceiling Training Program was evaluated. Mentorship trainings conducted within the scope of Glass Ceiling Mentorship Training, the 3rd Intellectual outcome of the Project, were evaluated and discussions were held on the practices related to the mentoring process to be realized in the future. In this context, in the coming months, women school administrators will conduct mentoring activities in partner countries.

It was decided that the closing meeting of the project will be held in Aydın in November 2019 hosted by Aydın Adnan Menderes University, Faculty of Education as the Project coordinator.

The project, which will end in December 2019, has a total of 7 partners. The Project Coordinator is Aydın Adnan Menderes University and the other partners are Aydın Provincial Directorate of National Education, Aydın Cultural Development Association, Education Mobility Grid (Germany), Bragamob (Portugal), CEIPES (Italy) and AMICS (Spain). The total budget of the two-year project is € 170,240.