Faculty of Medicine Hosts Its First Students from Russia

The cooperation starting between the Medical Faculty of our University and the Medical Faculty of I.I. Mechnikov University, one of the leading universities in Russia, as a result of the protocol signed in April 2019, has reached an important stage with the first students coming from Russia for the summer internship.

The bilateral relationship ongoing with Inst. Emre Dinçer's visit from the International Office to Russia in June 2019 with the invitation of I.I. Mechnikov University strengthened with Russian students coming for internship at the Faculty of Medicine in August.

A farewell dinner was held on August 15, 2019 for international students attending summer internships within the scope of exchange programs in the Faculty of Medicine. Vice Rector Prof. Dr. Ali Akyol, Prof. Dr. Erdal Beşer from the Department of Public Health in the Faculty of Medicine, Prof. Dr. Ahmet Demirkıran from the Department of General Surgery, Asst. Prof. Dr. Engin Taştaban from the Department of Physical Therapy and Rehabilitation, Asst. Prof. Dr. Selcen Öncü from the Department of Medical Training, Inst. Emre Dinçer, Inst. Selin Çelikbaş from the International Office and students from Russia, Lithuania and Romania participated in the event organized by the International Office.

Vice Rector Prof. Dr. Ali Akyol expressed his satisfaction that the students prefer our university for their summer internship and stated that they are always welcome in Aydın for the coming years.

Valerii Dolgushin, a student from the Medical Faculty of I.I. Mechnikov University, stated that they would leave with many great memories from Turkey and thanked all the university staff.